after school enrichment

don't send them to an empty house



proven results for over two decades

The Club has impacted the thousands of kids that have walked through any of our doors in East Texas. We are proud to say that for the last 10 years, we boast 100% grade advancement of our kids and at the Carlile Teen Center only ONE Club member has not graduated high school since 2005.



peace of mind for parents

The Club is an extremely safe place for the kids. Other locations throughout East Texas just open their doors with good intentions and no practical safety measures. The Club runs background checks on every employee and volunteer. All kids are insured in case of injury. All emergency contacts are verified. Safety is our priority.



the kids want to attend

Look, the kids have been behind a desk for eight hours. They don't want more desk time. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines provides fun with a purpose. Its a place where they can be impacted without knowing they are!



preventative, proven programming

The BGCA has a list of over 70 different programs, many are evidence based programs, meaning that they show a difference in the kid's lives. Club kids get drug and alcohol awareness, financial literacy, acceptance of others, and healthy lifestyles.


healthy lifestyles

let kids be kids with a little run around time

This is the second generation of kids whose average lifespan has decreased from their parent's. The sedentary lifestyle has become an epidemic. Whether its Triple Play, organized sports, or just some playground time, Club kids are  definitely active.



something to eat each day

We live in rural East Texas. Everyone knows everyone! We are tight knit. Unfortunately, we know that kids go home hungry. Sometimes the only meal that they get is the meal that we provide each day at all of our sites.

All over East Texas

our locations

With  more than 30 sites all over East Texas, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines is available to kids throughout East Texas.

Our Sites

  1. Elysian Fields
  2. Gladewater
  3. Hallsville
  4. Hughes Springs
  5. Longview
  6. Marshall
  7. Mount Pleanant
  8. Waskom
  9. White Oak

The Details

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Let the Club take care of all your child-related needs.


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how the club

changes lives


      how to CHANGE LIVES

      the kids that need us MOST
      • poverty affected
      • uninvolved parents
      • need a safe place
      • re-parents

      how to CHANGE LIVES

      = priority RESULTS
      • academic success

      • good character & citizenship

      • healthy lifestyles