The Sam

so you want to do some swimmin'

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines is physically connected to the Sam Birmingham Pool, but owned by the city of Marshall. People often think its ours. It only makes sense that we help run it. This summer, the Club negotiated a deal with the city where we will handle all the programming.

General questions
The Sam Birmingham Pool is open from 1pm-6pm Monday through Friday and 12pm-6pm on Saturdays. The pool will be opened on select Sundays as listed on our calendar. There will be three two-hour sessions each day.
The cost to swim is $2 per session per person. There is not a prorated amount. Regardless of when you come in it is $2 per session. Sessions come in time blocks. Weekdays: 1:00-3:30; 3:30-6:00;
Weekends: 12:00-2:00p; 2:00-4:00p; 4:00-6:00p

After each session, the pool will be cleared of swimmers. Once everyone is out, the next session will begin and will be another $2 per person.
We will have private swim lessons in the mornings. The cost for private swim lessons (up to two swimmers with one swim instructor) is $15 per half-hour with a minimum of four lessons. All lessons need to be scheduled and paid for in advance of the first lesson.
We are working on this. Last summer we offered water aerobics, lap swim, innertube water polo, water babies, scuba lessons, and adult women's swim lessons. Regrettably, we had very few people participating, so we are going to try and gauge interest and program accordingly.

The pool will be available for parties. The Club offers Premium and Non-Premium Times.
"Premium times" are considered times that force the pool to be closed during public swim times. The cost for Premium time is $160 for the first hour for up to 50 people. For each additional 25 people, please add $50 per hour. Each hour thereafter is $50.

Non-Premium Times are either after public swim has closed (6pm-8pm), before the pool opens for public swim on Saturdays (9-11:30am), or on Sundays. The cost for Non-Premium time is $100 for the first hour for up to 50 people. For each additional 25 people, please add $25 per hour. Each hour thereafter is $25.

For more details, or to book a party, please contact the Club. To officially book a party, payments have to be made at a minimum of 48-hours in advance and then confirming is only guaranteed based on lifeguard availability - the sooner we have a confirmed payment, the sooner we will begin to ask our lifeguards. No party is guaranteed until the staff has confirmed that lifeguards are available. All parties must be paid in advance. Lifeguards cannot accept payment.


*Pool weather policy: Occasionally there will be a need to close the outdoor pool because of weather conditions. The following is a list of conditions that would cause our facility to close and the procedure to follow regarding these situations:

Thunder/Lightning. If there is any lightning or thunder, the pool will be cleared and a 30 minute timer will begin. Patrons will clear the pool and can re-enter after 30 minutes. If the lightning or thunder occurs again within the 30 minutes, the timer will restart. After three series of lightning, the pool will close for the day. There will be no refund for any swim opportunities that were cancelled due to weather/safety of our customers.

Fog and Heavy Rain. Heavy rain and fog. In the case of heavy rain, or fog it is the discretion of the head lifeguard to determine visibility. If the bottom of the pool cannot be easily seen, the pool needs to be cleared for 30 minutes or until visibility is restored.   There will be no refund for any swim opportunities that were cancelled due to weather/safety of our customers.

The Club will exclusively use our Facebook page to post pool closures. We encourage everyone to like our page to keep up with the most recent status. The status of the pool will also be listed on the pool's Google Calendar.
Food needs to be eaten in the entry area. Drinks can be brought in, but there is no glass allowed. Being that the pool is officially on MISD property, alcohol and smoking are not just disallowed, it is also a felony.
By "personal stuff" we assume you are talking more about electronics and phones than towels and sunscreen. While we discourage patrons from bringing items of value, the Club and the city want to make everyone aware that you are bringing these at your own risk. We are not responsible for theft or damage.
FAQ 10
The lifeguards reserve the right to ask swimmers to leave if they are not wearing appropriate swimming attire. This does not just mean revealing, though that will be monitored. Swimmers in cutoffs or shorts may be denied service.
FAQ 11
The Club and the lifeguards reserve the right to suspend swimmers for repeated violations of rules or inappropriate behavior. Suspensions can last for a day to a week. For your child’s safety, kids under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent/adult (age 16 & up) when using the Sam Birmingham swimming pool unless in an organized, supervised program such as swim lessons. Children under the age of 8 must be in arm’s reach of said parent/adult at all times in the water. The ratio of children under the age of 8 to adults should not exceed 3:1 in non-program activities.